Bagua Astrology Oracle Cards

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I will come to your home and assess lifestyle and environmental areas for improvement.

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Product Description

The BAS oracle deck is an 81 card deck represented by nine archetypes and nine houses.  The archetypes are:

  • MONK

The houses are numbered one through nine (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.).

Each reading give you a minimum total of 81 possibilities which makes the Bagua Astrology Oracle deck the most comprehensive oracle decks ever created.  When pull two or more cards the possibilities are endless.


With this deck you can ask about:

  • The advisability of pursuing a job or relationship
  • What you must do to be successful in your current relationship
  • Your perception that your partner is keeping a secret from you
  • Whether or not this will be a prosperous year for you
  • What the most import lesson is for you to learn this lifetime



This is the standard oracle deck with 81 cards and the JujuMama logo pouch.


It’s highly recommended that you also purchase, at minimum, the BAS Presentation print out, which is offered in coil bound form to use as a key for understanding your readings.


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