Bagua Astrology Oracle Interpretation Guide v2

Bagua Astrology Oracle Interpretation Guide

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Product Description

This guide offers detailed explanations of the Bagua Astrology Oracle and includes the following information:

  • Ask and Structure Questions
  • Conduct a Reading
  • Spreading the Cards
  • Interpret the Meaning of Each Card


This guide also includes one page dedicated to each card with specific instructions on what that card means generally as well as in relationships and financial matters. THE BAGUA ASTROLOGY ORACLE DECK The BAS oracle deck is an 81 card deck represented by nine archetypes and nine houses. The archetypes are:

  • MONK


The houses are numbered one through nine (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.). Each reading gives you a minimum total of 81 possibilities which makes the Bagua Astrology Oracle deck one of the most comprehensive oracle decks ever created. When pulling two or more cards the possibilities are endless.

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