Bagua Character Map

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Bagua Astrology is an astrological system that allows us to understand our mental, spiritual, and physical make-up.  It uses numerology to identify three numbers for each of us that can give us a complete picture of who we are, how we think, what emotions we gravitate toward, and even our health and metabolism.



Product Description

The BaGua Character Map revives the ancient Chinese astrological and numerical system that is the foundation of the I Ching Oracle, Feng Shui, and martial arts and explains it fine detail. This classic work explains the laws of numbers, the law of creation, as well as how numbers come into existence. This work also details the nine personality traits that we are all born with and how they manifest in our lives based on our year and month of birth.

The nine personalities are:

  • Monk,
  • Devotee,
  • Conservationist,
  • Lover,
  • Visionary,
  • Leader,
  • Soldier,
  • Negotiator,
  • PeaceMaker


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