The Art of Open Relating Volume 3: Trials, Tribulations, & Lessons Learned

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The Art of Open Relating Volume 3: Trials, Tribulations, & Lessons Learned is a detailed account of how Carl entered the world of open relationships. Carl goes into detail about the series of events over a ten year period that he and his wife Kenya went through leading up to them opening up their marriage. Being part of a spiritual community that practiced polygyny planted an interesting seed to them opening their marriage, but wasn’t primary influence.


Carl also discusses his current relationship philosophy and answers questions like:

  • Can you have children outside of your marriage?
  • Are you willing to legally marry any of your other partners?
  • What’s your policy on dealing with the children of your other partners?
  • How many girlfriends do you have at any one time?
  • Are you friends with your partner’s husbands and boyfriends?
  • Have you ever been confronted by one of your partner’s husbands?
  • Have you ever fallen in love with any of your girlfriends?
  • Do you consider your lifestyle to be moral and in line with religious principles?
  • Is open relating just for people with low self esteem?
  • Is open relating primarily about sex for you?
  • Are you willing to divorce your wife?
  • Have you ever hurt any of your partners? Have any of your partners hurt you?
  • Will you always open relate or will you become monogamous one day?


Carl answers these questions and many more in this third volume of The Art of Open Relating series. His vulnerability and sharing of his hurt, pain, jealousy, and challenges inside his relationships is refreshing and courageous. 


For the basics of open relating, read The Art of Open Relating Volume 1: Theory, Philosophy, & Foundation. 




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