Progressive Relationship Solutions

***LIVE*** in Toronto, ON, Canada

(Video Conference Available)


Join Rakhem Seku (Carl E. Stevens, Jr.) author of The Art of Open Relating: Volume 1, as he presents practice, progressive relationship solutions for the new millennium.  Understand the keys to:
—maintaining a passionate sex life through tantra
—how to choose the best partner for marriage
—why women need to choose their partners
—how women should choose their partners
—how men can effectively manage their relationships
—how to form solid family units and communities

Date: Friday January 19th @ 7pm
Venue: 155 Legion Rd N – Theatre Room, Toronto, ON, Canada
Offering: $20

Video Conference Attendance Available

Details to join the video conference are given upon purchase.

About the Presenter
Rakhem Seku is the co-founder of the Progressive Love Movement (PL) with his wife Kenya K. Stevens through their company JujuMama.  Rakhem is the author of over nine books on relationships, sexuality, masculinity empowerment, and astrology.  They have a school for relationships, personal empowerment, and sexuality called the JujuMama Love Academy (JLA).  They’ve been on all the major television shows: The Monique Show, Dr. Phil, Rikki Lake, Michael Baisden, etc.

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